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A new, easier way to pay for parking

No coins, no apps, no meters

‍Welcome to the hands-free future of parking

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Parking as simple as 1 , 2 , 3 ...

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Park your car


Drive away


Automatically charge parking fees

Trusted by thousands of businesses


The ultimate in convenience & control

The ultimate in convenience & control

The ultimate in convenience & control

Cutting-edge technology

SmartPark uses GPS tracking to deliver what is simply

the most convenient parking tech around.

Everything is automatic ...

Arrive in a parking space, start paying

Leave the space, stop paying

Only get charged for the actual time you parked


Happier drivers

Now when your team arrive at their customers, they can

get straight to the job at hand, instead of worrying about

paying for parking.

Manage & reconcile the easy way

No more tedious admin and reconciling parking expenses.

Purchase parking funds in bulk and allocate them to your

fleet vehicles with ease.

Easily track & manage parking costs and assign them to

jobs and departments.

And there's more ... Fleet Tracking

Your SmartPark GPS device can also be used for tracking your fleet

Our optional add-on service allows you to better monitor and report on all your vehicles' activities, such as:


  • location

  • vehicle speed

  • usage (key on/off)

  • direction

  • geo-fencing

You no longer need a separate GPS tracking provider - 

we are your one-stop-shop for parking and fleet management

Where can I use SmartPark?


SmartPark Live is currently available for use in Wellington, New Zealand.

This means you can use it in all on-street paid parking areas under

Wellington City Council jurisdiction.

Legacy SmartPark Personal Parking Meters (yellow devices) can still be used in

Hutt City, Hamilton and Dunedin

Click here to access legacy SmartPark system website

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Hamilton City Logo.jpg
Dunedin City Logo.jpg
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Get in touch with us ...


Smart Park Ltd
PO Box 28209
Remuera, Auckland
New Zealand 1541


Chat or email by clicking the

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